Hello, My Name is Christy Lizarraga Bryan

I’m the Head of Marketing and Operations for the Bryan Haggard Land Group. I have experience as a Marketing, Project, Meetings and Vendor/Supplier professional with a 10+ year history in the construction, fiber optics technology and health, wellness and fitness industries.

My Professional Background

I began my career as an intern for a startup company based in Dallas and held several roles during that time in the marketing, sales, operations, customer support and accounting departments.

It was such a great feeling knowing that I was a part of building something from the ground up and that the work that I was doing was contributing to bettering other peoples lives. This experience kick-started my passion for startup and small business support and that has been something that has driven me ever since.

I eventually moved into other general marketing roles with a few larger global companies including Informa Exhibitions (formerly Hanley Wood) based in Irving, ADVA Optical Networking based in Richardson and finally into multiple roles with Gold’s Gym International, based in Dallas.

In these roles, I had the great opportunity to delve deeper into my passion for marketing and learned so much about grass-roots tactics, brand ambassadorship, traditional and modern strategies, digital and social media marketing, meeting and event planning, project management and supplier and purchasing processes.

I also had the fortunate chance to travel a lot during my time with these companies — something I SO appreciated and will cherish forever. My companies granted me opportunities to travel to Italy, Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands as well as many of our fine domestic destinations like New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Nashville and Miami.

Fast forward a few years and my path eventually led me to start my own business called Venerated Ventures, as luck would have it, right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. No kidding. I barely had signed on my first client at the start of March ’20 and mere weeks later, the whole country was shut down and the economy was plummeting day by day. Luckily and by the grace of God, I still work with that client and they are a valued partner to this day. Additionally, I now also manage a handful of other brands in my portfolio as well, brands ranging from a dog breeder to an ice cream truck!

My husband, Josh Bryan and I had always dreamed of one day getting to work together in business in some capacity — we just weren’t sure when or how. So when he founded Bryan Haggard Land Group, there was a natural fit for my Marketing and Operations experience to be integrated into the brand and I’m proud to be a member of this team.

My Philosophy

I believe that each one of us has the ability to impact another’s life, for better or worse. I strive to always be empathetic, open-minded and dependable in my personal and career relationships. In everything I do, I hope to do it thoroughly, efficiently and with the utmost integrity and regard for the outcome or result.

My Personal Background

As mentioned, my husband, business and life partner is Josh Bryan; we have been best friends since 2014, married since 2018. We have a first-born son making his big debut this November and we couldn’t be happier. We look forward to adding him to the Bryan Haggard Land team one day!

I received my Associates in Psychology from Navarro College in 2010 prior to transferring to Dallas to attend SMU. I graduated from SMU in 2012 with a B.A. in Sociology with the full intention of going on to pursue a career in Advertising and as life would have it, ended up loving Marketing more.

I love photography and pursued apprenticeships with a few local photographers during my high school and college years. I even started my own little side business for a time, photographing High School Seniors (some of my work highlighted below). This was some of my most cherished work and the favorite of all my subject matters — I think perhaps because I loved seeing the young ambition in these kids and they personified the potential in the days ahead.

I come from a large family tree. I am the eldest of 5 kids and my siblings are truly my best friends in this entire world. As we’ve all gotten older, life has put physical distance between us in the form of out-of-town and out-of-state careers but we’re all constantly in contact with each other via phone calls, Facetime and group texts. We’re never far from one another in that respect. I hope to one day bring them into our family business so they can enrich our team with their many talents and diverse professional backgrounds.

I am looking forward to what my time with the Bryan Haggard Land Group holds– this has been a passion of my husbands for quite some time and I’m happy to be of full support in executing this dream and lending my expertise to create a solid and genuine legacy for our family and generations to come.