June 15, 2023 – (Anna, TX) Nexmetro Communities and HighPark Capital have joined forces to embark on an exciting development project known as the Anna Gateway, a walkable mixed-use tract situated on 64 acres strategically located at the Southeast Quadrant of FM 455 and US75. Both groups have closed on the land for the first phase of development, encompassing 38 acres, marking a significant milestone for the project.

The transaction was brokered by Josh Bryan, Partner at Bryan Haggard Land Group, who has diligently worked this endeavor with the buyers and sellers since 2022. Bryan expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We, along with the Sellers (Caalms Group), are delighted to have Nexmetro and HighPark Capital as a part of this development, as they will provide Class A housing to the thriving community of Anna. With the presence of economic and employment drivers like Texas Instruments, Globitech, Raytheon, among others, both groups will play a vital role in fulfilling housing needs along the US75 corridor while offering high-quality density to the 64-acre mixed use plan.”

The residential portion of the plan includes over 500 units of Multifamily and Build-to-Rent Homes,  effectively meeting the demands of the low inventory housing market. “By collaborating closely with city staff early, we were able to explore various uses, which allowed us to then target ideal developers and market needs prior to working with potential buyers. The various challenges consisted of tract depth, zoning and a four-lane public road that would be needed for site planning. All, of which, would have to be completed simutaneously with the appropriate partners, in a setting which eventually became an inflationary high-interest rate environment,” Bryan further emphasized of the meticulous approach taken during the planning.

Among the offers received for the site, Nexmetro Communities emerged as the chosen developer, subsequently bringing in HighPark Capital as a partner to oversee the development of the Eastern portion of the property. As part of the project, both groups will extend Buddy Hayes Boulevard through the site, connecting it from FM 455 to the southern boundary of the tract. Additionally, a main collector road will be constructed, connecting the site to US75. Bryan highlighted the importance of circulation, continuity and pedestrian access, explaining that these factors were crucial in the planning process to ensure an exceptional shopping experience and provide opportunities for future placemaking.

Josh Bryan has an extensive background in land sales, including over 1,700 units of Build-to-Rent projects throughout the DFW and Austin MSA’s. Bryan emphasized the potential of this development stating, “the collaboration between Nexmetro and HighPark Capital on this project exemplifies the compatibility and success of Multifamily and Build-to-Rent segments in catering to different population segments during various life transitions and needs. We were able to take a blank canvas and sketch out an idea. Nexmetro and Highpark with the assistance of Lincoln Engineering were able to fine tune and customize that plan into a fantastic reality that will be something everyone can be proud of for years to come.”

Anticipation is building as the project prepares to break ground soon. Bryan Haggard Land Group will continue to work on the 27-acre retail portion with plans to improve highway access and identifying potential retail candidates to develop the balance of the site. “With traffic generators like Walmart and Home Depot establishing positions along with the population growth in the area, there is significant room for more national retailers and restaurants to establish their presence in Anna.  We are thrilled to commence the next phase of the project in the near future.”


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