Hello, My Name is Josh Bryan

I help multifamily, residential, retail, office and mixed use developers and land owners purchase and sell sites using our extensive knowledge of the market through adamant deal tracking, comprehensive market studies and ongoing industry relationships to not only accomplish their goals, but multiply their success through a long lasting partnership.

My Professional Background

I have been in the commercial real estate industry for over a decade, & everyday brings a new adventure. Let me start by saying that I do not have a “job” per say, because real estate is not necessarily an occupation for me. Rather, I have a passion for this industry, which gives me the ability to help my clients, partners & investors accomplish their goals.

The real estate bug was in my ear at a very young age. My family has been farming & developing much of North Texas over the last 160 years, so you might say it was a natural fit. Quite often growing up, I was surrounded by development plans, sales meetings, and acquisition discussions. I didn’t necessarily understand it all, but I did witness what it meant to work hard, be patient and really solve the problems in front of you. There were stories passed on through generations about how my great great grandfather wore a suit in the fields every day. That example of pride & work ethic resonates with me till this day.

As my real estate career evolved over the years, I gained expertise on multiple sides of the industry, serving roles on the owner, developer, investor and brokerage ends. My tenacity and work ethic is second to none. No matter the situation, I consistently move forward to solve problems and achieve goals. I have learned that every single deal is different, and the more you can think creatively and strategically, the more likely you are going to end up where you want to be.

My Business Philosophy

My business philosophy is to serve, educate, and guide my clients through each real estate transaction. I believe in loyalty and integrity in everything I do. My mission is to create a legacy for my family and leave something of substantial value behind after I’m gone. I strive to help others realize their dreams and if I can play some small part in that, I feel accomplished.

My Personal Journey

I have been married now for over 2 years to my lovely wife and business partner, Christy Bryan and we have a son on the way — he’ll be making his big debut this November ’20. We are very blessed and thrilled to have him join our legacy!

I am a proud TCU Alumni and a HUGE college football fan. I try to get out to see ALL the Horned Frog home games at Amon G. Carter Stadium each season. This has been a cherished pastime I have shared with many of my college buddies and colleagues over the years– tailgating and all!

I’m a movie enthusiast — seriously, prior to COVID-19 shutting everything down, we were at the movie theater at least twice a week and we’ve been known to “double-feature” it every now and then. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a Star Wars nerd but only my closest friends know that my favorite episode in the saga is The Empire Strikes Back. I’ll talk Star Wars theories and references with you all day, every day.

Also prior to COVID-19, my wife and I enjoyed traveling as much as possible. We planned an annual vacation to visit places we had never been together before. A few of our past destinations included Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego (we’re California fans obviously), Mexico on multiple occasions including our wedding, honeymoon and 1-year anniversary, Denver, Nashville, Las Vegas, Fredericksburg TX and all the major Texas metros. We have many more plans to visit other hot spots domestically and internationally as soon as we can!

I enjoy all forms of art, especially drawing and painting. I was an amateur sketch artist as a kid and even sold of my work to local customers! That’s actually what led me into the advertising field as a college student and post-grad.

Finally, my family and friendships are the most important things in my life. Both my wife I come from large family trees so we’re always attending birthdays, graduations, reunions, weddings, holidays and other life celebrations. It keeps us busy but it keeps things fun for us and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are truly blessed.